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top notes from London

  • Ormonde Jayne's European Tour




    I do love London City airport. It is an hour from door to door, hardly a queue to talk about and departures is swift, as it is so small. The restaurants are good, Rhubarb is particularly good for breakfast and so with a copy of The Times , I was all suited and booted ready for the launch of Ormonde Jayne in Milan. Beautiful weather, beautiful pool, beautiful room at The Mandarin Oriental, I realised a good work out each day would allow for champagne and spaghetti dinners.
    It was a very busy two days but Milan makes everything ok. After a bit of retail therapy and buying presents for my husband and children, I really had to get down to work.  The launch at Profumo, the most elegant perfume boutique in Milan got off to a “full speed ahead!”  Our guests flew in from all over Europe, the press arrived, the VIP’s arrived and I trained the staff. It was fully charged , lots of fun and so very Italian.


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    The only thing I knew about Romania is that is owns the most precious countryside in Europe. Totally unspoilt and miles of forests and wilderness. No wonder Prince Charles has a bolt hole there.

    Mr & Mrs Balan of Elysee Perfumery hosted the most extraordinary event to launch Ormonde Jayne in Bucharest.
    192 guests, walls with full screen video clips of Ormonde Jayne and a lot of Bucharest society, in all their splendour.
    I personally have never seen anything like it. Music, lights, champagne, canapés all in the most beautiful setting on a beautiful moon lit evening.


    The Royal Arcade, home to Ormonde Jayne for the last fifteen years, hosted Zara Philips, second eldest grandchild to Queen Elisabeth, whilst  launching her new jewellery collection in collaboration with Caleja , the pink diamond specialists. Jewels in a glass boxes all over the arcade, it could have been a good night for a cat burglar . The collection is quite unique and of course sports a equestrian twist, befitting of an Olympic champion. Zara Philips is a truly modern day woman, strong, independent and hard working, we salute you!

    Best wishes,

    Linda x

  • Hozier at the Roundhouse


    My beautiful friend Miles treated us all to a night out at a Hozier concert, so in return for his kindness, I hosted the pre-concert dinner. Fish pie, Pavlova meringues with fresh summer berries and champagne. But what to wear ! When was the last time I went to a “cool” concert. What did I do with my Chelsea boots, or my leather t.shirt. Rather worried I would end up looking like a mummy, I called upon the management of Ormonde Jayne for a extraordinary meeting, as a matter of top urgency. The team is youthful and up to date, so I was in good hands.

    Not a bad exercise actually, as I was forced to dig deep into my wardrobe and think about clothes I had not worn. Could I still fit into them was the question…and yes I could. Result. On went the black leather pants, loose white T.shirt, ankle boots and hey presto, I was twenty five years old again!

    Luckily, living in Regents Park, we could enjoy a lovely evening walk into Camden. We had the most amazing front row , first balcony seats at the Round House. Hozier was superb and the backing singers were fascinating to watch.  Got a bit of a girl crush that night.

    Best wishes,

    Linda x

  • Ormonde Jayne Launches in Beymen, Istanbul

    After travelling to the GREAT FESTIVAL in Istanbul last year, Ormonde Jayne was very pleased and proud to launch our company in their top most prestigious department store, Beyman.

    Ormonde Jayne launches in Beymen, Istanbul

    Everything was perfect, so the Gods were on side. All the top press arrived, elegant ladies armed with note pads, the garden breakfast room looked so pretty, the sun was bright and we had an energetic time. Breakfast had all the Turkish traditional bites and fresh mint tea, water melon juice and really everything you could wish for to get you through a busy morning.

    Istanbul is an exotic and busy city with so much to see - Basilica Cistern, an unexpected romantic attraction, Aya Sofya, a sublime place of worship, Topkapi Palace, home to generations of Sultans and of course the Grand Bazaar, for the all essential hit of haggling and mayhem.

    I came home with thick embroidered towels, spices and Turkish slippers, I couldn't resist.

    Best wishes,

    Linda x

  • Launch of British Craft Week at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London

    I am in for a night of excitement! A party to celebrate the launch of British Craft Week at the Victoria & Albert Museum with our very special host and artist extraordinaire Grayson Perry. Should be fun, hold on tight…

    Ormonde Jayne was asked to represent British Craftsmanship in the field of perfumery, so tomorrow we have opened our laboratory to eight guests for them to create their own perfume. Spent most of today setting up eight tiny laboratories and under my guidance, we should produce some interesting perfumes to debate over.

    We will finish with glass of champagne, hand made chocolates, all British artisan companies and we should really have a blast.

    Will keep you posted but now I have to get my party frock and heels on.

    best, as always,

    Linda x

  • Nature Smiled Upon Me

    Nature smiled upon me this year. The peony flower, I think you will agree is magnificent, so when we bought a peony tree it was a challenge to see if we could nurture her to grow and flower.

    On delivery, it was nothing more than a 20 inch high thin trunk and twigs but I made it my business to make sure she was well treated. The peony tree is both sensitive to its soil, wind, weather, too hot, too cold, you name it, its just one long list of contra indications.


    She spent a few months protected in the garden shed and was then planted last October between two walls to keep the wind from upsetting her. I fed her, watered her and spoke words of encouragement.


    After a few months she had grown but  was still a thin and bare pile of twigs. Come the start of April I saw green tiny leaves sprouting forth, followed by more and then some tight small buds. Out of the blue on a lovely Saturday morning as I approached the corner of the garden I got the nicest shock of my life. A huge beautiful and exquisite abundance of red peonies. Delight struck my heart, I rushed into the house, banged the spoon on my tea cup to make a family announcement to my beautiful creatures.


    The success of this plant meant a lot to the family. The tree was in memory of my husband's father who departed this planet last year. He would have loved it and I was grateful to the patron saint of green fingers for helping me pull it off.

    Best wishes,


  • Isfarkand Voted Best Perfume for Spring/Summer 2015 by Vogue, Germany



    We are very happy to announce that our Isfarkand perfume has been voted by Vogue, Germany as one of the best perfumes for Spring/Summer 2015.

    Isfarkand is a super cool cologne that is perfect for vibrant, bright days. Infused with pink pepper and including notes of lime, vetiver and cedar, it is a sensual perfume with an addictive scent.

  • FishWorks, Marylebone High Street


    Dining with the Ormonde Jayne PR company last night at Fishworks was a reminder of how lucky we are. Even though it was early, the Marylebone High Street was buzzing with evening anticipation and shoppers . The sky was rose pink which I'm sure makes everyone feel a sense of well being.  all the French boutiques displaying spring collections and it crossed my mind that it's almost that time of year again... yes. The dreaded Summer bikini weather  - yikes, help!

    Fishworks restaurant is a family favourite. My boys list it as second position in London, Petite Maison is the first of course. Why do my children have to have such expensive but exquisite taste? Well, they take after their mother, what can I say! We love Fishworks, not only for the freshness of produce but the chef understands what we want to eat. In my case it's oysters, sea bass, fried spinach with pine kernels - and then comes my down fall. The dreaded but the world's most yummiest pudding - ginger sticky toffee pudding with Madagascar vanilla. Luckily, Jason, master PR for Ormonde Jayne agreed to share and he was well impressed and agreed it is definitely up there with the all time greats. My all time great puddings in descending order:

    1. Petite Maison french toast

    2. Fishworks ginger treacle pudding

    3. Mandarin Oriental green tea crème bullee

    4. Blakes Hotel soufle.

    And that's just London!

    But dear reader, the fact is this. It's not long before we present ourselves on the sunny beach in nothing more than what is the same as bra and knickers but called a bikini. With this in mind I am now planning my Summer campaign. Every year my anxiety increases but this year I'm on it extra early.....but after the ginger sticky toffee pudding of course.

  • Ormonde Jayne and The Chelsea Flower Show Celebrate 'Chelsea in Bloom'

    On Thursday 22nd may 2014, from 6-8pm, we will be hosting an exclusive party at our Sloane Square boutique in celebration of 'Chelsea in Bloom'.

    This year's theme is 'Creation in Colour - a journey through fashion, food and lifestyle' and to celebrate, Ormonde Jayne will be serving champagnes, delicious canapés and providing expert fragrance advice.

    We will also be offering 20% off all products at the boutique and will offer the first 15 customers a complimentary bathing oil (rrp. £56.00) with every purchase.

    The Address of our Sloane Square boutique is:

    Ormonde Jayne
    192 Pavilion Road
    off Sloane Square
    SW3 4BF

    Please find the official invite below.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    The Ormonde Jayne Team


  • Perfume Competition: Who Am I? - 12 Weeks, 12 Scents, 7 Clues

    We are very happy to announce that we are running a new competition via Facebook and Twitter.

    Every day, we are posting a clue which relates to a scent in our core range. A daily clue will be posted over a week to describe a single scent from our collection. Once you think you know the name of the scent, you can enter the competition by sending us a direct message with your answer and postal address on Facebook or tweet @OrmondeJayne on Twitter and, if your answer is correct, you will be entered into a prize draw to win a bottle of 50ml eau de parfum in that scent. If you are having trouble sending a message through Facebook or Twitter, please send an e-mail to

    Please note that we are posting a clue each day for 7 days that relates to ONE scent in our collection, so you only need to submit one answer for the week.

    Good Luck!

    The Ormonde Jayne Team


  • A New Ormonde Jayne Solid Perfume for Summer 2014

    Ormonde Jayne is happy to announce that a new solid perfume will be launching in Summer 2014.

    Solid perfume is the perfect way to a long-lasting scented décolletage in the hot Summer months as there is no need to spray alcohol on to the skin. The new perfume will be encased in a divine bespoke gold compact with mirror complete with an Ormonde Jayne pouch, perfect for any handbag.

    The first samples have already arrived at our studio and we can’t wait to let you know more. Watch this space!

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